1. Plan to defrost the phyllo in the fridge overnight or minimum  7-8 hours for it to defrost evenly before your recipe.  The reason this is necessary is to keep the thin dough layers from getting sticky and hard to manage. They need to defrost slowly. The non-organic varieties of dough can be refrigerated for up to three weeks.
  2.  Leave it on the counter for an hour before you unwrap and handle it.
  3. Here is an important, but simple tip for working with fillo/phyllo:  Get all your ingredients and pans gathered ahead of time, ready to use. It will reduce the stress of feeling like your fillo dough is drying out. You should also have a moist, barely damp cloth on hand to cover the open package of fillo as it sits on your counter.

Most of our  fillo is purchased frozen from the supermarkets and grocery chains. And you can’t use it in that state. You need to defrost it ahead of time. Microwaving it at the last minute will not work. So you need to plan at least a day ahead. Remember though, the phyllo will keep in the fridge, defrosted, for about three weeks.

our most popular phyllo dough - #4 all purpose
A classic fillo/phyllo dough. Easy to use, no trans fats, no cholesterol, no saturated fats

Most of the recipes in our posts call for phyllo dough. (it really doesn’t matter how you spell it) We make many kinds, thin and thick, organic and whole wheat.

A photo of our phyllo dough box - The Fillo Factory general purpose #7
Another classic phyllo from the Fillo Factory, this one is a little thicker than the #4 above but is also considered general purpose.

To see more of our fillo dough and to buy if you can’t find it locally visit us on the web




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