Looking for a special treat for your Valentine’s day evening? Guaranteed to satisfy one’s basic need for a sweet food finish.. Organic Raspberries and Chocolate Baklava. It is a marriage made in heaven, and because of that, so appropriate for a Valentine’s indulgence.  You can make it using our fillo dough or you can keep it simple and  buy it ready made. Wash it all down with a version of a French 75 Cocktail, which is made with One part Cognac, two parts champagne, and a maraschino cherry.  It pairs so nicely.

With the winter months being long and dark, I just can’t help looking for comfort foods that will erase the cold bleary weather. I never appreciated baklava as much as I do now. But the sweet crispy and soggy- saturated nature of this dessert has captured me.  And so I look for excuses to make a post about it and sample it.  So forgive me if there are two posts in a row featuring my new obsession.

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