If you are lucky enough to get a bite of homemade Baklava from a friend or a Mediterranean speciality store you can wallow in the pleasure of deliciously crispy textures with the nutty, absurdly sweet sticky sauce. It is rich, but please just humor me for a moment:

One doesn’t need much Baklava to satisfy a sweet tooth.  If you are calorie conscious as most of us are, you will be happy to know that you can simply eat a spoonful or two of Baklava and enjoy the explosion of flavors and textures in this classic dessert and find satisfaction, helping you reign in the urge to consume the whole tray in one sitting.  In the Calorie/Flavor ratio of the world, you are probably ahead of the game by eating a small portion of Baklava than a large slice of cake. IMHO.

Speaking of fine wines, if you serve this delicacy for your next dinner party, you might consider serving it with a dessert wine or sweet champagne. I suggest a sweet white wine, or port to purposefully bridge and embrace the saccharine nature of the two. That’s probably why they call it “a pairing”.

For today, for me, just a bite or two now….the knowledge that I’ve hidden the rest of my piece, in the back of the test-kitchen fridge, waiting for my next sweet craving is going to give me the strength to meet the day.

I found this recipe for classic Baklava on allrecipes.com – the video is fun to watch and the Baklava just develops beneath her hands.  Watch it, make it, and be happy.

You can make this with our Fillo Doughs, original, organic or whole wheat.  Make sure you buy the size that will fit your pan. Any of our fillo thicknesses would be fine for Baklava.


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