Fillo is an amazingly versatile dough. And contrary to popular opinion it is easy to work with despite its thinness. The misconception of the difficulty with Fillo is probably due to the manufacturing of it. To make it by hand requires some expertise to achieve its smooth, uniform  thinness.  Today we have patented machines that make the dough process simple and nutritious. The ingredients are basically the same as your grandmother might have used. Flour, water, salt, oil for the most part.

So to work with it, you just have to remember a few things. It drys out easily. And you should baste each piece with butter or olive oil as you layer them. Read on to see our Chef, Toni Ann’s key tips on working with your fillo at home.

  1. KEEP THE FILLO UNDER WRAPS – Fillo is easy to work with as long as it’s kept moist:  the sheets are delicately thin and can dry out very quickly when exposed to air. Work with just what you need at a time, keeping the rest wrapped tightly with plastic wrap and then covered with a slightly damp dish towel or similar. Keep all the ingredients you will need close at hand.
  2. CLASSIC RECIPES using fillo usually calls for brushing dough with melted butter.  This keeps the thin leaves separate – prevents “clumping” – so they will bake into flaky layers.
  3. USE OLIVE OIL – For healthier results, brush on a light olive or vegetable oil instead of butter.  We have have found the butter, or oil sprays work very well, too.
  4. NOT TOO WET – Your fillings should not be excessively moist, to ensure crisp fillo after cooking.
  5. HAVE EVERYTHING READY TO GO – Get all of your ingredients ready before you pull out the fillo. Chop, mix, blend etc. Have everything ready to go, then unroll the amount of fillo you need – keeping the rest under the moist towel.
  6. YOU CAN FREEZE IT AGAIN – you can store your leftover fillo dough in the freezer for up to 3 weeks. Don’t forget to take it out a few hours or overnight in the fridge to thaw before you need it again.

 If you cannot find our fillo in the stores in your area, you can order from our website. The Fillo Factory we sell fillo in different sizes and thicknesses for varied uses. We also have organic, organic whole wheat, spelt and Kataifi.

Fillo Factory's All Purpose Fillo Dough Box
Fillo Factory’s All Purpose Fillo Dough in 12 x 17″ sheets
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