Thawed or Frozen?

1.If your fillo is already thawed or fresh when you buy it all you need to do is place it on the counter for a couple of hours before use so it comes to room temperature.

2. If Frozen you will need to plan to leave it overnight (or at least 7-8 hours) in the fridge so it can slowly defrost. We recommend this so the sheets don’t get stuck together and stick which would make it hard for you to handle.

Important Tip to remember when using Fillo:

Get all your ingredients into a state of readiness before you open that package of fillo. There is so much less stress worrying if your fillo is drying out while it sits there.  Keep a clean, slightly damp cloth on hand to cover the fillo once opened to help keep it hydrated.



Cutting Fillo Crosswise or Lengthwise as per the recipe:

If you are as right/left and otherwise spatially challenged as I am, I believe this will come in handy.

The diagrams illustrate exactly what to do with your fillo sheets when we call for folding or cutting lengthwise or cross-wise (short side)

a photo showing what to do with phyllo when you cut or fold it crosswise
showing you what to do with the phyllo when we say cut or fold it crosswise…

an image showing what to do with phyllo dough when we say fold or cut it lengthwise

Folding your fillo into shapes

I have made an example below for folding a triangle shape. The size of your final turnover will be determined by the starting dimensions of your fillo strips. You can fill this basic shape for fillo with any number of recipes. It is a perfect hand held pie for savory or sweet. Stuff with spanakopita mix or cherry pie filling or cheese danish filling. The variations are endless.

A diagram to show how to fold a Turnover
A diagram to show how to fold a Turnover



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